Nobis Hotel performance / Dagens outfit

2 thoughts on “Nobis Hotel performance / Dagens outfit”

  1. Hi David !

    Let it be said that you were absolutely amazing ! My colleagues and our guests were floored by the sweet etherical sounds of your choir and if you say that you were a bit nervy, I can guarantee you, it didn’t show.
    Thank you all so very much for this, you really made this evening special. And say hello to your fellow singers from us !
    Have a fab holiday season !

    Nobis Hotel


    1. Hi Oliver!
      Thank you so much for your comments and once again for the opportunity we had at Nobis Hotel. It’s very delighting to hear from you as well that you were pleased with the night and our performance.

      We are wishing you at Nobis Hotel Norrmalmstorg all the best. I’ll say hello to the others!



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