Summing up Project Awaiting

Hello again! Some of you have read the previous blog posts here for Project Awaiting – my final project of the international master’s in Journalism that I recently finished at Södertörns University outside Stockholm, Sweden. During the process of conducting the research, carrying out practical interviews/drawing and through finalising the research report, there have been … Continue reading Summing up Project Awaiting

Project Awaiting (part 4): Friday in The Parallel Lives of Hal Far Camp

– an autoethnographic sojourn in the (sur)reality of migration! Text and drawings by David Johansson, unless stated differently. What happens in one of Europe’s many camps for migrants on a Friday night? What can you expect to hear from someone who has risked his/her/their life in the Sahara desert, resided in Libya during its current … Continue reading Project Awaiting (part 4): Friday in The Parallel Lives of Hal Far Camp

Project Awaiting (part 2): Maltese Voices On Detention

Maltese Voices On Detention Hal Safi, Malta. “Mario Schembri? Who…?” the soldier dressed in military green and storm proof-looking glasses says. “He’s Head of Operations working at the Detention Services” I try as politely as I can while handing him my passport. “We have a meeting booked at 1pm, but I’m a bit early so…” … Continue reading Project Awaiting (part 2): Maltese Voices On Detention

BREAKING: Project Awaiting

Hej! It’s been a while, but it’s time to relaunch this blog by publishing a number of articles conducted on Malta in April 2017 as part of my master’s project in International Journalism at Södertörn University. These journalistic texts were exclusively made by the method of using interviewing/drawing, a case-specific methodology combining graphic anthropology and … Continue reading BREAKING: Project Awaiting